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How to install Microsoft Office 2000 Professional?

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Microsoft Office 2000 professional

Whats is Microsoft Office 2000 Professional?

Microsoft Office 2000 Professional is a recognized association of interconnecting desktop applications. Individuals and businesses can use it for a variety of tasks. It consists of Microsoft Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Access, Excel, and Outlook. All these applications can be used to create a number of professional documents for information examination and communication. Installation is easy and can be completed in about 30 minutes. You will need two installation discs and the product key to install Microsoft Office 2000 Professional on your system.

Steps to Install Microsoft Office 2000 Professional

  1. Start the Microsoft Office Professional installation. Close all open applications that are running on the system. These can include antivirus programs that may interfere with or interrupt the installation process.
  2. Insert the first Microsoft Office 2000 Pro CD installation disc (labeled “Disk 1”) into the CD drive. The installation should start automatically. If not, click “Start” and “Run”, then type the drive letter (D, E, F, and so on) that corresponds to your CD-ROM drive and other such information: D: SETUP. EXE
  3. Enter details for installing MS Office 2000 Professional. A “Welcome to Microsoft Office 2000” screen opens. This is the installation wizard used to install the programs. Type in the “customer information” section in the text boxes provided. This includes usernames, initials, and organizations.
  4. Enter your ms office product key (CD key or product number) in the space provided at the bottom. It is very important to enter the exact number, or the installation will not proceed. The number is 25 characters and should be on the cover of the Microsoft Office 2000 Professional CD case. Click “Next” to continue.
  5. Read and accept the Microsoft Office Professional license agreement. Use the mouse to mark “I accept the terms of the license agreement“. Click “Next“. Double click on the “Customize” button and then “Next”.
  6. Choose all the features and options you want to install. Click the “+” next to each option to view all available preferences. After making your choices, click the “Install Now” button. Your selections will determine how long the installation will take. Observe the progress in the installation bar.
  7. Insert disk 2 when prompted or when finished disk 1. Repeat the procedure as described above to complete the installation of Microsoft Office 2000 Professional. Restart the system when prompted.

Tips & Warnings

  1. It is a good idea to check for updates for Microsoft Office 2000 Pro. Open applications. Click “Office.com/setup” under “Help” in the menu bar. Find and download any available updates. You can also access the updates from Microsoft Office Online; use the link to resources.
  2. If you need to make any changes to your Microsoft Office 2000 Pro installation, you must have the installation disks. If you change computers, you will need to reinstall them on the new system. For this reason, we recommend that you request the installation of Microsoft Office 2000 Professional Two CDs.

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