Microsoft Office Setup

google spiders

How often do Google spiders index a site?

How often Google spiders crawl a site depends on many different factors. For example, a large site with regularly updated content tends to receive spider visits more often than a small static site. Some estimates the general deep crawl at once a month, but blogs and other dynamic sites can experience crawls many times a…
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remove adware

How to remove adware from PC?

If windows or pop-ups containing annoying advertisements suddenly open on your computer. It most likely means that you have been infected with adware. But what is adware, how to remove adware from your PC, and most importantly,  how to remove adware? What is adware? Adware (pronounced √†duer) is not a virus but rather a particular…
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Install Office on mac

How to install Office on Mac?

How to install Office 365 on Mac? If you intend to install Office 365 on a Mac, you can rely directly on the Mac App Store. The Office 365 bundle containing all the applications of the suite or the single applications are available: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive. To proceed with the download, visit…
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Microsoft Office 2000 professional

How to install Microsoft Office 2000 Professional?

Whats is Microsoft Office 2000 Professional? Microsoft Office 2000 Professional is a recognized association of interconnecting desktop applications. Individuals and businesses can use it for a variety of tasks. It consists of Microsoft Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Access, Excel, and Outlook. All these applications can be used to create a number of professional documents for information…
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How to fix Microsoft Exchange Server error 0X80040600?

What is Microsoft Exchange Server Error 0x80040600? If you happen to run into Microsoft Exchange Server 0X80040600 errors when trying to receive, send or read email in Microsoft Outlook, don’t be too intimidated. This error occurs when the PST file gets damaged. PST file stores data used by Microsoft Outlook such as contacts, email, and…
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Microsoft Exchange Server

How to set up MS Outlook in Microsoft Exchange Server on an iPhone?

Microsoft Exchange Server allows secure access to the Outlook e-mail account from remote locations. Smartphones, such as the iPhone, offer advanced connectivity and features that allow you to navigate your phone as if it were a home computing computer. Outlook calendar, tasks, and emails can be synced with your phone for quick retrieval. Whether traveling…
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error code 0x80240031

Manual for Fix Error Code 0x80240031 on Windows 10?

While refreshing more established windows with the latest updates, numerous clients are encountering the system error code 0x80240031. Along these lines, this error code generally happens with the Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 updates, however, a few Windows 10 clients are additionally announcing a similar error code. This error code 0x80240031 shows up with the…
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application error 0xC0000142

How to Fix Application Error Code 0xC0000142?

The 0xC0000142 can happen in any of the Windows forms however for the most part happens when an application neglects to initialize appropriately. This 0xC0000142 application error is a bothering and normal error which influences an assortment of center Windows applications. Be that as it may, at whatever point you attempt to run the program…
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